Merlin: a Poem

A un gatto omonimo.

In a world of shadows, where silence reigns,
A little grey cat named Merlino remains.
With eyes like moonlight, and fur so fine,
He roams the night, a creature divine.

Through cobblestone streets, he gracefully strides,
His presence unnoticed, as he silently glides.
His paws leave no trace, his steps are light,
As he ventures forth into the moonlit night.

With every leap, he soars through the air,
A graceful dancer, without a care.
He chases the stars, with a playful delight,
As they twinkle above, in the velvet night.

His purrs are whispers, soft as a breeze,
A melody that puts the mind at ease.
He weaves through the shadows, with feline grace,
Leaving behind a trace of mystery and grace.

Oh, little grey cat, with eyes so bright,
You bring joy and wonder, in the darkest night.
Your spirit is wild, your heart is free,
A symbol of beauty, for all to see.

So, let us raise a toast, to Merlino the grey,
A poet of the night, in his own special way.
May his adventures continue, forevermore,
As he dances through life, on his paws, evermore.


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